Miranda's Graduate School REVEAL

WILD. This is absolutely WILD. Ya'll I'M GOING TO YALE! You know I'm serious because, well, I said "ya'll" After an intense application season and counting the days between January 1st and decision announcements, there really wasn't a decision.  This summer, I will begin Yale School of Architecture's three year track program towards a master's in architecture.  While I sounded a little awkward and distracted in our Friday Studio Update video thanks to our dogs crashing the party, this is an achievement I'm so proud of. Not only was I offered admission to YSoA, but also three other programs and waitlisted for one. All schools I never thought I would gain admission to in my wildest dreams. I wasn't exactly a star...

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A Delivery Day in Kansas City

Last Friday, we delivered four sculptures to their new homes in Kansas City, Missouri. We thoroughly enjoyed being back in our old stomping ground, an Epstein trip included. We moved to Columbia nearly two years ago, but Kansas City still feels like home. The day full of sunshine was an added bonus. 

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