2020: Our Year in Review

If you've known Oliver and I for any amount of time, you'll know one of the many great things we love in each other is our individual love of reading. However, our interests couldn't be more opposite. Oliver absorbs motivational books and literary classics, while I live for free PDF's of dense theory and critical writing from the 60's & 70's. During this time the entire genre of "critical writing" was in flux and younger creatives sought new ways to circulate their ideas. In college, a professor introduced me to Pamphlet Architecture-- a series of brief explorations into some facet of design. The original twenty pamphlets span topics from Stairwells (Livio Dimitriu - 1979) to Planetary Architecture (Zaha Hadid - 1981).

When the 21st pamphlet went to reprint and I snagged a copy. Too excited to even read the synopsis, its title and content are the most appropriate summation of 2020.

The very first essay lays the foundation for the projects ahead. SNAFU

"Coined during the early years of World War II, the acronym snafu--a condensation of the phrase,"situation normal all fucked up"--was used by the American soldiers to describe a condition of disorder created by an excess of conflicting Army rules and regulations. Absorbed into vernacular speech, its profanity largely forgotten, the term snafu now signifies a general state of confusion, disruption, and system breakdown...In a culture fixated on efficiency, speed and information exchange, snafus are the anathema to progress and production."

We emerge into the new year with hope of leaving the disorder and inefficiency behind, but the previous 365 days (no matter the year) propel us into the beauty and challenges of the next 365 days.

We are endlessly thankful for the support we've received, the help from our church family, Oliver's parents who give us the house we live in, new friends, new collaborations, and of course the opportunity to bring art into each of your lives.

Below is a collection of images from our year. The good and the bad. Our triumphs and losses.


Oliver began to learn to carve

Miranda created her first batch of washi tape drawings for a solo exhibition


Miranda installed her second solo exhibition at Farina in Kansas City, MO

Oliver continued to develop and visualize his new carvings



Miranda completed and installed a permanent commission at the Loews Hotel in Kansas City, MO


Miranda decides to apply to graduate architecture school for Fall 2021

Oliver begins a commission for a home at Lake of the Ozarks



Miranda's father suddenly passed away in his home in Tennessee. We took a necessary break to grieve and travel to finalize his affairs. 



The City of Columbia, MO accepted Miranda's independent proposal for an art installation along the MKT Trail
Oliver completed the commission for the Ozark home
Oliver officially began the FLORA series


Miranda completed the Belong installation inside the Hinkson Creek
Bridge Memorial
Miranda and Oliver visited a two-person exhibition featuring Miranda work at the Angad Arts Hotel in St. Louis, MO.


Oliver attaches his first end pieces to the first two FLORA sculptures
Miranda is featured in the Columbia Tribune for her public artwork


Miranda takes the GRE-- the first step in completing her applications
Oliver finalizes strings for FLROA NO.1


Miranda begins to compile her graduate school admissions portfolio
Oliver completes FLORA NO. 1


Oliver completes FLORA NO. 2 & 3 and partners with local home decor shop, May Wynn, for a styled shoot.
We had a lovely Thanksgiving with immediate family


Miranda finalizes her next permanent commission for a new apartment development in Kansas City, MO.
Oliver completes FLORA NO. 4



Again, thank you all for the part you play in our lives, near and far, from California to New York City to Madrid.


All the best,

Oliver and Miranda