A Delivery Day in Kansas City

Last Friday, we delivered four sculptures to their new homes in Kansas City, Missouri. We thoroughly enjoyed being back in our old stomping ground, an Epstein trip included. We moved to Columbia nearly two years ago, but Kansas City still feels like home. The day full of sunshine was an added bonus. 

Sunshine aside, our first stop was at our good friend Steven's home. He rents a Tudor-style home transformed into three apartment units. It's classic Kansas City. We knew this was going to be the most challenging hang of the day, so we scheduled plenty of time. Steven's landlord does not allow holes drilled in the wall. Instead, the sculpture hung from hooks tracked into the crown moulding. 

New Window, Part of the Seeing Double Series, 2020

 Next on the schedule, was another old friend. Chase and I met our freshman year of college at the Kansas City Art Institute eleven years ago! Chase saw my first efforts in experimenting with large-scale builds. I'm honored to have part of the progression in his home. The work melts into his moody, dark green wall. 

A Step BackwardPart of the Seeing Double Series, 2020

Matt was our next delivery. We met two years ago when he coordinated the Seven1Five Artspace out of HNTB, an architecture firm in KC. Seven1Five hosted my second solo show titled Limen

A Spill in the Hall, Part of the Seeing Double Series, 2020

Last but not least, we delivered the sculpture from our giveaway! I'm so thankful the work went to the Pollock family. Their plant-filled home is full of warmth and love. I can't imagine their wall looking any other way. 

Remaining Threads, Part of the Seeing Double Series, 2020


 I truly believe each artwork is perfectly paired with their new home. As soon as the work went up, the room would fall silent; knowing. Four times we experienced this magical moment. It is our hope, the work brings a little more peace and happiness in the coming years.