Miranda's Graduate School REVEAL

WILD. This is absolutely WILD. Ya'll I'M GOING TO YALE!
You know I'm serious because, well, I said "ya'll"
After an intense application season and counting the days between January 1st and decision announcements, there really wasn't a decision. 
This summer, I will begin Yale School of Architecture's three year track program towards a master's in architecture. 
While I sounded a little awkward and distracted in our Friday Studio Update video thanks to our dogs crashing the party, this is an achievement I'm so proud of. Not only was I offered admission to YSoA, but also three other programs and waitlisted for one. All schools I never thought I would gain admission to in my wildest dreams. I wasn't exactly a star undergraduate student and thus never had plans to pursue graduate school. In a recent conversation with a good friend, she referred to our experience of warming up to the idea graduate school as getting the calling.
If you've known me for any extent of time, I am passionate about public art and public space. Accessibility to public space is my jam. I thrive when I have opportunities to build work greater than myself, curating entire experiences through color and light. I also know I'm extremely privileged to do so and I take the planning of my public works with utmost level of care. This next step in pursuing an architecture degree will only better equip me to design for the communities I care about. 
Click here to read my favorite personal essay written for my applications. I hope the words will shed light on the path I've chosen for my studio practice. 
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Side note, we did make a tiny bandana for our pet rabbit, Mopsy, but she was having none of it. Photos to come at a later date.