Oliver's New Work Bench

Despite the bitter cold and persistent snow, Oliver worked to complete a beautiful new work bench for his next steam-bent commission.

The single space heater we use in the garage is not enough when the outside looks like this.

From a thorough SketchUp drawing, to planning materials, to an almost finished product, years of want culminate in this giant work bench. 


Last week, Oliver collected old pine from his Grandfather's workshop and begin milling with our newly restored planer, VASH

Next, he laminated lengths together to form the legs and the basic frame for the bench. Oliver wanted weight and an underside for shelves and drawers. 

This bench will serve two purposes. First, the height matches the height of our table saw for a perfect out feed table. The bench will also serve as a template to steam bend wood. Oliver plans to do this using pegs and dog holes. The bench will have nearly two hundred holes allowing any shape to coalesce from Oliver's imagination. 

The table top is formed from three layers of plywood. The outermost is sanded, baltic birch. We laminated the sheets together with LOTS of glue and screws. 

Next up, perfecting the dog hole template for a hole every 4in. 

Not pictured (yet) are the AMAZING castor wheels he added to the legs. This bench is on the move. 

Today, Oliver adds the rails and will drill out the dog holes. 

We can't wait to show the final product. 

This is also an ongoing effort to completely remodel our shop three months before we move. This is the way.