Modern Wooden Gifts for your 5th Anniversary

Updated: Aug 20

FIVE YEARS! Congratulations! How does it feel to last a little longer on the dance floor at a friend's wedding that plays the anniversary game?

The traditional five year anniversary gift is wood to symbolize long-lasting strength, wisdom and forgiveness. Most importantly, your wooden gift can represent the life the two of you have built together. When two people first get married, they are like the checked and flawed wood Oliver uses in his sculptures. Each person has encountered some bumps in life, yet somehow each find their life partner in one another. In the first five years of marriage, they learn to become one. They figure out how to balance work, life, and family together. Little by little, the bumps each person encountered before their marriage is healed like the dovetails and inlay Oliver adds to each slab of live edge wood to remedy the splits. And maybe new cracks form, but that's okay because they have found a support system--graceful, steam bent curves held in tension swirling around the flawed wood. Each sculpture accentuates the beauty found between perfection and imperfection. As a person, we are never complete, but always in process.

1. Odysseus No.5, Cedar, Cherry, Cottonwood, Mahogany, Maple, Red Oak, Poplar, Walnut, White Oak, W36" H72" D12" Available

Knotted cedar and walnut frame two curves in perfect unison

2. Odysseus No.8, Cedar, Cottonwood, Mahogany, Maple, Red Oak, Padauk, Poplar, Walnut, White Oak,Yellow Heart, W96" H36" D9" Available

Elegant and whimsical, perfect for the blank wall above your bed

3.Odysseus No.6, Ash, Cherry, Cottonwood, Mahogany, Poplar, Walnut,Handmade strings, W60" H48" D9", Available

What could be more perfect for a 5th anniversary gift than a sculpture resembling a true lovers knot?

4. Odysseus No.3, Ash, Cedar, Cherry, Cottonwood, Mahogany,Walnut, White Oak, Handmade strings, Stain, W11" H17" D12", Please inquire

Two steam-bent curves almost kiss with a touch of red

5. Odysseus No.9, Ash, Cedar, Cottonwood, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut,Handmade strings,W42" H48" D9", Please inquire

With an eclectic mix of carved end pieces, two intersecting curves resemble a sun and crescent moon who are commonly depicted as lovers in myths and folklore.

Choose a work of art to celebrate your marriage to last generations. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.