Oliver's High Altitude Commission

Updated: Feb 7

Last fall, Oliver received a commission to create a custom work for a home in Breckenridge, CO. The commissioner, a patron of Oliver's studio for the last few years, wanted the purchase to celebrate his decision to move to Breckenridge full-time.

An except from Oliver's description:

"Iliad #1 emphasizes the beauty of the imperfect. The sculpture has the extraordinary potential to unpack the sensorial abilities of our human experience as the eye moves over split wood pieces, hand tool marks, and surfaces with a smooth finish. The different degrees of refinement illustrate how people are not complete, but in a state of growth or decay."


13' x 9' x 1'

Hemp, Urethane, Lapis Lazuli, and Twelve Species of Wood - Ash, White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Poplar, Maple, Bird’s Eye Maple, Cedar, Cottonwood, Mahogany, Cherry, and Sycamore

Moments from the install:

After a morning of wrapping the sculpture and packing it into the cargo van, we were ready to go!

24 hours later, after a night in Denver and a treacherous trip through Loveland Pass, we made it!

We walked in the home to see this incredible view. Oliver immediately knew the sculpture found its home.

After a little wall prep, the template Oliver built to install the mounts went up.

Just 4 hours later, everything was up and ready for strings!

For additional information about the work, please contact us at:

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