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H 18.25" x W12" x D 2.5"

Light Blue, Dark Green

Part of the PARADOX series, Miranda's latest series continuing her doorway abstractions. 

This series begins with a question, "how can we hold two things in tension?" The way things are versus the way they should be. This opens a world of opportunity to explore the past and present, layering shapes and places from my past with colors from my present experience. Gridded and rectilinear shapes, skimming the surface of an idea but never fully describing it, allows for these paradoxes to exists. As Rosiland Krauss states, "two beliefs held in some kind of paralogical suspension." 

This mini series reduces, dissects, and rearranges the multifunctional spaces we inhabit. 

Lead time: Each sculpture is hand-crafted and undergoes a rigorous paint and finishing process to ensure longevity and jewel-box like colors for your home. Please allow three weeks between order and delivery. You will receive update emails on the progress of your order.